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What They Say About The Global Open University?

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Prof. Sukhadev Thorat


“I am confident that the University would continue to rise higher and higher heights in the academic world in future”.

— Prof. Sukhadev Thorat
Chairman, UGC

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Prof. B.B. Bhattacharya



“I am happy to know that the University will be offering Employment Centric courses such as medicinal plants, biotechnology, nanotechnology, mass communication etc. from undergraduate to Ph.D level”.

— Prof. B.B. Bhattacharya
Vice Chancellor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

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Prof. Tapodhir Bhattacharjee



“I am confident that the refreshingly new approaches of the budding University would usher in a new era of higher education in the North-East India in no time. Let the new University be a light house for the marginalised people of the region”.

— Prof. Tapodhir Bhattacharjee
Vice Chancellor, Assam University, Silchar

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Prof. Avadhesh Kumar Singh



“The efforts of Nagaland Government to establish The Global Open University needs to be approbated and taken as a model and flagship for other educational institutions to follow”.

— Prof. Avadhesh Kumar Singh
Vice Chancellor, Babasaheb Ambedkar Open University, Ahmedabad

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Dr. S.P.S. Ahlawat



“I take this opportunity to congratulate Dr. Priya Ranjan Trivedi, Pro Chancellor and Plenipotentiary of The Global Open University for the stupendous task of institution building and addressing the issues of global peace, intolerance, pollution, population explosion and unemployment.

— Dr. S.P.S. Ahlawat
Vice Chancellor, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar

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Dr. P.G. Chengappa



“I am happy to know that Nagaland State has started The Global Open University. The Identified programmes are employment centric. I hope that the University will be on the global map in a short period of time”.

— Dr. P.G. Chengappa
Vice Chancellor, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore

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Dr. P.L. Gautam



“I hope that the programmes of The Global Open University will benefit the young India a lot and help the youth of the country to prove their supremacy at global level”.

— Dr. P.L. Gautam
Vice Chancellor, G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pantnagar

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Dr. P. Chandramohan



“This is commendable especially in view of the fact that North-East parts of the country suffers various setbacks due to its geographical limitations”.

— Dr. P. Chandramohan
Vice Chancellor, Kannur University, Kannur, Kerala

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Dr. K.K. Talwar



“Keeping in mind a milestone of creating more number of job givers rather than job seekers, this university is launching an MBA Degree with specialisation in entrepreneurship development. I am sure it will open up new vistas of academic excellence for the budding youth”.

— Dr. K.K. Talwar
Director and Vice Chancellor, PGI, Chandigarh

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Prof. S.W. Akhtar



“Establishment of such an Open University in the North-East is the need of the hour. We will be happy to share our experiences and course materials with you”.

— Dr. T.D. Sharma
Vice Chancellor, Pt. Sundarlal Sharma (Open) University, Bilaspur

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Dr. T.D. Sharma



“I am sure that The Global Open University, Nagaland will come out to be one of the most promising Universities of the country by keeping in view the challenges ahead and the opportunities to be availed of”.

— Prof. S.W. Akhtar
Vice Chancellor, Integral University, Lucknow

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Prof. H.C. Trivedi



“Education of good quality is the need of the hour and our youth must be able to compete in every field of life and culture. I am sure that the University will cater to the needs of the society and will flourish in its activities in the years to come”.

— Prof. H.C. Trivedi
Vice Chancellor, Bhavnagar University, Bhavnagar, Gujarat

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Dr. S.A. Patil



“The Global Open University has a progressive outlook and a grand vision. I have no doubt that the University will cater greatly to the educational needs and aspirations of the young men and women of the North-Eastern region of India”.

— Dr. S.A. Patil
Director & Vice Chancellor, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi

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Prof. Manjit S. Kang



“It is indeed satisfying that The Global Open University has identified an ambitious agenda for itself. I am sure it will create a creditable niche for itself in the time to come and be able to address the current and emerging issues that impact the people of Nagaland”.

— Prof. Manjit S. Kang
Vice Chancellor, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana

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Prof. Kalyan Kumar



“Introduction of well conceived undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level programmes on emerging interdisciplinary and frontier areas of technology management etc. appropriate to the infrastructural growth and development needs is not only required for Nagaland but also for the entire country and beyond its national frontiers as envisaged under Look East Policy of the Government of India”

— Prof. Kalyan Kumar
Director, North-Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Tech., Itanagar

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Dr. Lokesh K. Shekhawat



“I am sure, with the introduction of new courses, the younger generation would be able to tackle various problems arising out of population explosion, poverty, unemployment, pollution etc. in the years to come”.

— Dr. Lokesh K. Shekhawat
Vice Chancellor, Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur

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Prof. Amitabh Mattoo



“We have to make an effort to be the best, not nationally but globally. I am sure that The Global Open University, Nagaland shall reach out to civil society and create new standards of excellence”.

— Prof. Amitabh Mattoo
Vice Chancellor, University of Jammu, Jammu

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Prof. M.P. Singh



“The programmes seem to be very attractive and promising. In due course, I am sure the University will develop similar other programmes and would become a Centre of Excellence in that part of our country”.

— Prof. M.P. Singh
Vice Chancellor, W.B. National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata

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Prof. A. Lakshminath



“I wish to place an record my grateful thanks to you and other staff of The Global Open University, Nagaland for extending their cooperation in facilitating my research work. I convey my fraternal feeling of high appreciation of your efforts in disseminating knowledge to the underprivileged tribes of the North-East.

— Prof. A. Lakshminath
Vice Chancellor, Chanakya National Law University, Patna

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Prof. N.K. Bansal



“This is really a landmark in the field of higher professional education providing Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D Degrees in subjects like management, biotechnology, energy, sustainable development, environmental management etc.”

— Prof. N.K. Bansal
Vice Chancellor, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra

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Prof. B.K. Sthapak



“The establishment of such an University will open the doors for interaction amongst the academicians and knowledge workers at the global level”.

— Prof. B.K. Sthapak
Vice Chancellor, Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhilai

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Prof. Rameshchandra G. Kothari



“It is good that the University has decided to launch Employment Centric Programmes at Bachelor's, Master's, M.Phil and Ph.D levels in the emerging fields like medicinal plants, biotechnology, bioinformatics, nanotechnology etc.”

— Prof. Rameshchandra G. Kothari
Vice Chancellor, Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat

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Dr. N.V. Vasani



“We all know that it is now difficult for conventional universities to impart higher education to the mass in general and in the rural areas in particular. Your University has focused on vocational education like hospital administration, tourism, travel & hospitality management, intellectual property rights etc. which are the emerging areas and are more relevant when we are living in the era of globalisation.

— Dr. N.V. Vasani
Vice Chancellor, Nirma University, Ahmedabad

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Prof. Punjab Singh



“I hope this global institution will attain to newer heights. Best wishes for the success of The Global Open University”.

— Prof. Punjab Singh
Vice Chancellor, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

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Prof. M.K. Srivastava



“We hope that the University will soon attain its cherished goals and cater to the educational requirements of the people to equip them to serve the society”.

— Prof. M.K. Srivastava
Vice Chancellor, Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur

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H.E. David C. Mulford



“Indians are rightly proud of this country's reach and diverse cultural heritage. Many have expressed to me a strong desire to protect and preserve this country's history for future generation”.

— H.E. David C. Mulford
Ambassador of the United States of America, New Delhi

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Hon'ble Pawan Kumar Bansal



“It is also important that readily recruitable pool of knowledge workers is available to domestic and international investors interested in increasing their stake in the Indian economy. The Global Open University, Nagaland is an important institution for realising these goals and fulfilling a long felt need of the people of the area”.

— Hon'ble Pawan Kumar Bansal
Union Minister of State for Finance, Government of India

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Hon'ble Subodh Kant Sahai



“I appreciate the initiatives taken by the University in the fields of Employment Centric Programmes at Bachelor's, Master's, M.Phil and Ph.D levels in the fields like medicinal plants, biotechnology, bioinformatics, nanotechnology etc. and convey my heartiest greetings and best wishes for a glorious future of the University”.

— Hon'ble Subodh Kant Sahai
Union Minister of State for Food Processing Industries, Govt. of India

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Hon'ble Dr. A.R. Kidwai



“With speedy developments taking place in the global scenario, there is a need to produce talented youth for meeting the growing needs of time. The decision of the University to start higher education programmes in the emerging fields is laudable”.

— Hon'ble Dr. A.R. Kidwai
Governor of Haryana

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Hon'ble D.N. Sahaya



“I am sure the University will contribute substantiating to the upgradation of skills of the people of Nagaland with a focus on the youth and pave the way for all round prosperity of the State”.

— Hon'ble D.N. Sahaya
Governor of Tripura

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Hon'ble Nawal Kishore Sharma



“It is high time for Universities to introduced job oriented courses along with value based higher education. It is heartening to know that The Global Open University has launched Employment Centric Programmes at Bachelor's, Master's, M.Phil and Ph.D levels in many emerging fields.

— Hon'ble Nawal Kishore Sharma
Governor of Gujarat

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Hon'ble Narendra Modi



“21st century is essentially a century of knowledge. The lever of progress in this century is knowledge and not machine. From the ancient India, we are blessed with legacy of having led the foundations of mathematics, astronomy and metaphysics. Today again we are in the age of knowledge. And once again our professionals have started providing to the world that we will be able to lead the world. I convey my best wishes to The Global Open University for creating new milestones in the field of education”.

— Hon'ble Narendra Modi
Chief Minister of Gujarat

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Hon'ble Air Chief Marchal F.H. Major



“The most laudable and novel initiative of the University is to introduce specialisation in entrepreneurial development in its MBA programme. This would help students build institutions, thereby generating employment opportunities for other youths - 'produce more job givers rather than job seekers'. I extend my best wishes to the University for success in its worthy endeavours and fructification of its noble objectives”.

— Hon'ble Air Chief Marchal F.H. Major
Chief of the Air Staff, Government of India

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Hon'ble Dr. Kirit S. Parikh



“I am happy to learn that the Government of Nagaland has taken initiative to facilitate establishment of The Global Open University in Nagaland with a view to imparting vocational and employment oriented education to the youth living in the most vibrant Hill State in the North-East characterised by its rich traditional and cultural heritage”.

— Hon'ble Dr. Kirit S. Parikh
Member, Planning Commission, Government of India

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